Mackie Onyx 3280 Mixer Hire In Auckland

Looking for a Mackie Onyx 3280 hire in Auckland? Then you have come to the right place. It is a great quality 32-channel mixer. Suitable for large indoor and outdoor events. Our hire rates are affordable, with no hourly charges; prices are based on a daily basis.

Hire Price: $ 150 / Day

Mackie Onyx 3280 Mixer Hire In Auckland

The Mackie Onyx 3280 is a professional-grade analog mixing console designed for live sound reinforcement, recording studios, and other audio applications.

Here are some of its key features:

  • High-Quality Preamps: The Onyx 3280 features premium Onyx microphone preamps known for their transparency, low noise, and wide dynamic range. These preamps ensure pristine audio quality for all your input sources.
  • Per-Channel Compression: Each channel on the mixer is equipped with a built-in compressor, allowing you to control dynamics and ensure consistent levels for various audio sources.
  • 4-Band Perkins EQ: The mixer offers a 4-band Perkins EQ on each channel, providing flexible equalization options for shaping the sound of individual inputs. The EQ includes low-frequency, low-mid-frequency, high-mid-frequency, and high-frequency bands for precise tonal control.
  • Flexible Routing: With its comprehensive routing options, the Onyx 3280 allows you to route signals to various outputs, subgroups, and auxiliary sends. This flexibility is useful for creating custom monitor mixes, applying effects, and integrating external gear.
  • Digital Effects Processor: The mixer includes a built-in digital effects processor with a range of reverbs, delays, choruses, and other effects. This allows you to add depth and ambiance to your mixes without the need for external effects units.
  • Assignable Subgroups: The Onyx 3280 features assignable subgroups, which enable you to group channels together for easier mixing and processing. This is particularly useful for managing multiple inputs, such as drum kits or vocal ensembles.
  • Talkback Section: The mixer includes a talkback section with a built-in microphone, allowing the engineer to communicate with performers or recording artists in the studio environment.
  • Metering and Monitoring: The mixer features comprehensive metering for monitoring signal levels, including LED meters for each channel and main output. Additionally, it offers flexible monitoring options, with dedicated headphone outputs and control room monitoring.
  • Built-In FireWire Interface: Some versions of the Onyx 3280 come equipped with a FireWire interface, allowing for multi-channel recording and playback directly to a computer or digital audio workstation (DAW). This integration simplifies the recording process and enables seamless integration with digital workflows.
  • Sturdy Construction: Mackie mixers are known for their rugged build quality, and the Onyx 3280 is no exception. Its sturdy construction ensures reliability in demanding live sound and studio environments.

Overall, the Mackie Onyx 3280 mixer combines professional-grade audio performance with versatile features, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from live sound reinforcement to studio recording.

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