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Star Sounds, your PA Hire Auckland specialist!! We are a cost-effective and budget-friendly sound rental service company in Auckland.

Unlike others, we don't burden you with hourly rates; instead, all our sound rental packages are priced daily.

Our commitment is to provide you with affordable and competitive rental prices. Also, we ensure the highest quality performance of our PA rental systems.

When it comes to PA equipment, we proudly offer top-branded and reputable PA hire equipment such as QSC and RCF speakers and subwoofers. This includes powered portable array systems.

Furthermore, we provide top-notch microphones, such as Shure SM-58/57, ensuring premium audio quality. For effective control and balance of your audio inputs, we offer renowned mixers like PreSonus and Soundcraft.

So, choosing Star Sounds PA Hire equipment guarantees that you receive the utmost audio quality for your money.

From bands to speeches, whether on a concert or corporate stage - we'll bring great sound with us. Because we love providing clear sound and believe it's crucial for a successful event.  You can hire sound equipment from us for any event from small parties to live stage performances.

Professional Support for PA Hire Auckland

Setting up a sound system with various audio equipment can be complex. Especially for those who are not familiar with PA systems and equipment.

But, when you choose us for your PA hire, you can relax and concentrate on the other activities of your event. Our team will deliver the sound system on time and handle the setup to avoid the most common audio issues. For example microphone feedback, poor vocal and instrumental balance, etc. Moreover, we provide 24/7 on-call support to our clients.

You can contact us anytime during the event if there are any faults or issues. We will then arrange for one of our team members to rectify the issue. If we can't solve the issue via phone, we will then arrange for one of our team members to visit the site.

When you are not sure what sound system suits your event and your guests, do not worry. We are happy to assisting you in choosing the best sound system package.

Because different sound packages suit different locations and events. So, our team can assess your requirements and suggest the best sound system.

Live Concerts & Festivals​

PA Hire Auckland

Elevate your live concerts, festivals, and outdoor performances with our exceptional PA hire equipment.

We offer 15 carefully designed sound rental packages. For outdoor events, we highly recommend you to select the most appropriate package.

These specific packages feature the powerful combination of QSC KW181 18-inch active subwoofers and QSC K12.2 12-inch Active speakers.

These QSC speakers and subwoofers will ensure an outstanding audio experience for your audience.

Conferences & Presentations​

public speech star sounds limited

Enhance your message with our top-tier Public Address (PA) system rental equipment, delivering clear voices and powerful impact.

Whether it's a conference or a presentation, our sound packages can satisfy you audience.

Specifically featuring QSC K12.2 active speakers, and subwoofers, our speakers guarantee precision and clarity.

But, depending on the size of your event, and the surroundings, you can also consider our other sound packages.

Religious ceremonies

house of worship star sounds limited

In religious ceremonies, clear vocal sound is essential for a meaningful experience.

Our QSC and RCF Public Address (PA) system rentals guarantee crystal clear sound, capturing your audience's full attention.

For all your religious ceremonies, consider hiring our tailored PA packages.

They include great quality speakers and subwoofers like QSC K12.2 and  KW181. 

Also, quality microphones, branded mixers, and cables for optimal audio quality. 

Schools & Office Events​

school events star sounds limited

Unlock exclusive discounts on sound system hire bookings for schools in Auckland!

We understand the budget considerations in educational organizations, making quality and affordability our priority.

Rest assured, our PA equipment and sound systems meet the highest standards.

Our QSC K12.2 speakers stand as the ideal solution, ensuring crystal-clear speeches that captivate and engage your audience.

Choose us for the perfect blend of quality and affordability for your educational events.

Birthdays, Wedding & Other Celebrations​

wedding photos star sounds limited

Recognizing the significance of your special day celebrations, we are committed to ensuring that the sound experience matches the remarkable moments themselves.

Star Sounds is your ideal choice for special events like weddings and birthday celebrations!

Our selection of branded speakers and PA hire equipment is tailored to elevate your occasions into unforgettable experiences.

Trust us to make every note, every word, and every celebration sound as exceptional as the moments you're celebrating.

By choosing us, we ensure your 100% satisfaction!!

Indoor events​

indoor events star sounds limited

When it comes to indoor celebrations, Star Sounds stands as your perfect choice!

Our sound packages boast branded and high-quality PA hire equipment designed to elevate any indoor event.

In the realm of indoor occasions, crystal-clear vocals and undistorted sounds are paramount for success.

Hence, we strongly recommend opting for reputable and quality speakers like RCF and QSC to enhance the audio experience at your indoor events.

Trust Star Sounds to bring premium sound solutions that transform your indoor events into unforgettable experiences.