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PA System Hire Cost in Auckland. All our sound hire packages come with a free mixer and microphones + free delivery, setup and collection!!

Your benefits by choosing Star Sounds!!

  • No hourly charges
  • Quality and branded sound equipment
  • Affordable sound system hire prices
  • Free delivery
  • Free set up
  • Free collection
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Advice and guidance to select sound packages

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RCF Portable Array Systems

Sound Package 1

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 2

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 3

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 4

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 5

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 6

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

QSC Speakers and Subwoofers

Sound Package 7

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 8

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 9

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 10

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 11

Sound Package 12

Sound Package 13

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 14

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 15

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 16

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 17

Sound Package 18

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

RCF and QSC Systems

Sound Package 19

Free Delivery, Setup & Collection

Sound Package 20

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Why You Should Hire A PA System From Us?

Clear sound at any event is paramount for the message to be delivered and understood. As a Sound system provider, we understand this. Thus, we have carefully selected branded, high-quality sound equipment to hire in Auckland.

Our sound system hire Auckland packages come with professional-quality speakers, subwoofers, microphones, mixers, and related accessories. Such as speaker stands, XLR cables, Aux cables, and microphone stands.

All our Sound Packages include Powered Speakers and subwoofers. So, you do not need to spend extra money on external amplifiers and cables.

We provide free delivery, set-up, and collection across Auckland. Our prices are affordable and competitive. For example,

2 RCF portable array speakers: $199/day; 2 QSC K12.2 speakers and 1 QSC KW181 subwoofer: $299/Day with a free 16-channel mixer and 2 Mics.

We do not charge hourly for our sound packages. So, once you hire, you are free to use them for the entire day!!! 

Our team is always glad to help you with instructions and advice on using our equipment. Please note, that our sound packages are always changing and growing. If you can't find what you want or aren't sure what you need, contact us. We're here to assist you.

Tips to select the best PA system package for your event

The first step in choosing the best sound package is to identify your event requirements. For that, try asking these questions yourself:

  • What type of event I am hosting?
  • Is the event indoor or outdoor?
  • How many people are attending the event?
  • What kind of sound system do I need? (For example, whether it is for a DJ, wedding, party, classical music, rock music, public speech, religious ceremony, etc.) 
  • How much audio power do I need?
  • Who are my guests and what is their preferred music type?

Answering these basic questions will help you determine the right sound system. Because every event is different. So, it is good to select the appropriate sound package that can cater to your guests well.

For example, a conference or public speech may need a basic microphone and a pair of speakers. But, a live concert may need a more advanced sound system with many speakers and subwoofers.

Thus, identifying your event requirements upfront may help you narrow down your options. It also helps you hire the best sound package that matches your event.

Here are some examples of sound products generally used for different event venues. It is important to choose the right products for the specific needs of your event and venue :

Indoor events

For indoor events like conferences and parties people often use portable PA systems. These events generally do not need a large amount of audio power. But the quality and crystal clear sounds. So, if you plan this kind of event make sure you hire a quality speaker system along with good microphones. We recommend our sound packages 1 to 11 for these kind of events. 

Outdoor Events

For outdoor events like concerts and festivals, often need larger sound systems. These events may need a massive power of audio output. So, it is good to use a range of powerful speakers and subwoofers.  Always, prepare upfront. Estimate the required audio output you need for this kind of event. Make sure the sound system package you are hiring is capable of delivering it. Our sound packages 14 and 15 are a perfect match for these kind of events.

House of Worship

Houses of worship need a sound system package that produces clear, intelligible speech. This often requires quality speakers, microphones, and mixing consoles. Our sound packages 3 and 4 are the perfect match for house of worship events.

Night Clubs  and  Bars

Nightclubs and bars often need high audio output sound systems. Thus, you need to use high-power speakers and subwoofers. Moreover, it is important to use quality microphones and audio mixers. we have listed several sound packages that you can use for this kind of event. For example, sound packages 5 to 15.

Why We Use QSC & RCF Speakers in Our PA System Packages?

On quality sound renting, two brands stand out: QSC and RCF. These two companies are well-reputed and famous for high-standard audio equipment. Moreover, they produce exceptional sound quality using advanced technology.

Moreover, these branded speakers can spread sound waves evenly across the event place. At the same time, they can produce clear mid-frequencies (vocals). They also can produce high frequencies (trebles) and low frequencies (bass) without any distortion, even at high volumes.

The other major advantage is the capability of throwing sound waves far. So your guests who are at the far end can feel the same sound level as the front guests.

Whether you're planning a small party or a big concert, our speaker packages can fulfil your needs. When hiring a sound system, it is important to use a branded mixer such as PreSonus, Sound Craft or RCF.

Then you can mix and control your other audio equipment to get the most quality. We hire a PreSonus 16-channel mixer with our sound packages. Because it is digital, versatile and easy to use. It allows you to adjust volume levels and equalization settings for optimal performance.

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