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RCF Speakers NZ | Why RCF is the Best?


RCF Speakers NZ!! RCF was previously known as “Radio Cine Forniture”, but today it is a world-famous Italian audio equipment manufacturing company. It has more than 50 years of audio industry history. Their initial products were electroacoustic speakers and microphones.

Story of Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia started the RCF company in 1949 in Italy. Since the beginning, the RCF team focused on delivering quality professional audio equipment. They started manufacturing Speakers, amplifiers and other audio equipment which deliver superior audio quality.

In the 1960s concert sound started to expand with electric audio equipment. Therefore, small acoustic sound systems turned into big spaces. This highlighted the requirement for powerful electric amplifiers for voices and other low-volume audio instruments in the audio industry.

RCF identified the market need and used its in-depth knowledge of speakers and electronics to manufacture and develop quality audio equipment. This strategy brought the RCF audio equipment to a leading position in the audio market. RCF targeted recording studios, portable speakers, Hi-Fi systems, public address audio equipment and concert sound systems.

RCF ART and TT+ Technology

In 1996, RCF introduced their ART series as active speakers. After 8 years in 2004, they released the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theater system loudspeaker series with DSP technology.

In 2017, the RCF team incorporated all their active speakers with FiRPHASE technology. The idea was to gain 0° linear phase playback. With this implementation, RCF was highlighted as the first audio manufacturer who introduce 0° phase-compatible audio systems. This also includes line arrays.

RCF Speakers NZ

Professional Audio Systems of RCF - RCF Speakers NZ

ART 3/4/7/9 - Portable Speakers
Nx Series - Professional Speakers with Wood Cabinet
D-Line & HDL - Professional Portable Speakers
EVOX - Column Array Portable Speakers
Max Series - Hi-Performance Speakers for Entertainment
Sub Series
Analog Mixer series
Digital Mixer series
TT+ Audio - High-Performance Touring & Install Systems for large-size, high-quality applications
Studio Monitoring AYRA PRO / MYTHO / Iconica headphones

System Integration of RCF - RCF Speakers NZ

Installed Audio
Commercial Audio
Business Music Series
Forum Congress
EN54 Systems
VSA - Vertically Steerable Array
COMPACT Series - Premium Install Speakers

Since 1960, RCF company produced OEM speakers and microphones for many other reputable audio companies. At the same time, they also sell their products under their brand name RCF. Because of high-quality loudspeaker design, many international speaker companies recognise RCF to be one of the most reliable speaker suppliers for them.

RCF's 12-inch to 18-inch loudspeakers became world famous due to their durability, quality and cost-effectiveness compared to its competitors.

Customer Support and Service of RCF

RCF has established a strong reputation for providing outstanding customer service and support in addition to their superior products. Every aspect of their business operations demonstrates their strong commitment to achieving customer satisfaction.

RCF goes above and beyond to meet the demands of their clients, starting with the initial pre-sales consultations and continuing through the post-purchase assistance. Their extensive support services cover a broad spectrum of help, guaranteeing that clients get the direction and help they need at every stage of using RCF products.

The offer of technical assistance, and advice from qualified professionals is priceless. Furthermore, RCF offers troubleshooting support across the world for their products.

This is beneficial to their clients and service technicians to resolving any problems or difficulties when servicing or repairing. 

Where can I hire RCF speakers in Auckland?

At Star Sounds Limited, we use RCF portable array speakers such as EVOX J8 and Jmix, RCF 8003, and RCF 8004. These speakers deliver superior audio quality. Therefore, if you are planning to hire a sound system in Auckland including RCF speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Star Sounds Email - [email protected]

Phone - 021 295 4594

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