Kids Sound and lighting Hire

Are you looking for kids sound and lighting hire system? Then you are at the right place. We have several sound system packages and lighting system packages that suit for kids parties.

Planning a party for kids can be stressful. Making sure that every little thing is just right is important if you want your child and their friends to have a fun time. The music system is an important part of the event that can make or break it. Good sound and lighting system can improve the mood at a party, making it more fun and interesting for everyone.

Star Sounds Limited can help with this because we have the best Kids Party Sound Packages and lighting packages for any theme or need.

Kids Sound and lighting Hire

Why Should You hire sounds and lighting systems from Star Sounds Limited? - Kids Sound and lighting Hire

As a company called Star Sounds Limited, we know how important it is to make kids' parties amazing and fun. We have 20 different sound systems.

Our PA packages are made to fit a range of party sizes, themes, and prices.

Allow us to explain why you should pick our services:

  • Comprehensive Packages: Our music and lighting packages include everything you need. You can get everything you need for the best sound at your party here, from speakers and mics to DJ gear and karaoke machines. Each package is carefully chosen to fit a range of party sizes and themes, making sure you have everything you need for the event.
  • Reasonable Prices: We're proud to offer prices that are competitive without lowering the level of audio quality. Our sound systems are priced in a way that works for a wide range of budgets, so everyone can enjoy high-quality sound at their events. You get the most for your money with Star Sounds Limited.
  • Free Delivery, Setup, and Pickup: All of our sound packages come with free delivery, setup and pick-up. Our trained staff will set up everything before the event and take it all down after the party, so you won't have to do a anything. That way, you can enjoy the event without having to worry about the technology stuff.
  • Phone Support 24/7: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have. We are only a phone call away if you need help picking the right deal or fixing a problem at the event.
  • Onsite Visit help: We offer onsite help during office hours to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our technicians can come to the place to fix any technical issues and make sure the sound quality stays great the whole party.

Our Sound Systems

Here is a sneak peek at our best Kids Party Sound Packages:

Package for a simple party:

  • Great for small groups.
  • Comes with a mixer, two speakers, and one microphone.
  • Great for background music and playback.

Fun Karaoke Package:

  • It comes with a karaoke machine and two microphones.
  • Wide range of song selections
  • Fun for everyone to play with and sing along.

DJ Party Package:

  • Comes with a microphone, speakers, and a DJ remote.
  • Good for a skilled DJ setup
  • Excellent for a lively dance party

Party Package with a Theme:

  • It can be changed to fit the theme of the party (princess, superhero, etc.).
  • Sound effects and songs with a theme
    Makes the party experience better overall

Package for an outdoor party:

  • Comes with outdoor speakers and a portable generator in it.
  • Good for events held outside
  • Allows for great sound quality in open areas

The best party package:

  • Our sound systems come with subwoofers, top speakers,  microphones, mixers and cables.
  • Offers crystal clear and powerful sound experience.

And many more! Our 20 different sound packages ensure that there is something for every type of party. Each package is designed to provide the best sound quality and enhance the overall party experience.

How to Pick the Best Sound Package
It might seem hard to choose the right sound package for your kids' party, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some ideas that will help you decide what to do:

Consider the Party Size::

  • A simple set with two speakers and a microphone might be enough for small events.
  • For bigger parties, you might want to look into sets that come with extra speakers and DJ gear so that everyone can hear the music clearly.

Think about the place:

  • Standard speakers and karaoke machines work great for parties inside.
  • Choose weatherproof speakers and movable power sources for outdoor events.

Theme and activities:

  • If the party has a theme, pick a package that comes with music and sound effects that fit the theme.
  • Make sure you hire  other PA equipment such as microphones and DJ controllers. They are important for interactive activities like karaoke or dance events.

How to make your booking!

Booking a sound package with Star Sounds Limited is simple and hassle-free. Follow these steps to ensure your party has the best sound experience:

Browse Our Packages:
Visit our website to explore our range of Kids Party Sound Packages. Each package includes detailed information about what’s included, making it easy for you to compare and choose the best option.

Contact Us:
Once you have selected a package, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. We can provide additional information and help you finalize your choice.

Free Consultation:
We offer free consultations to help you determine the best sound package for your party. Our experts will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable options.

Booking Confirmation:
After you’ve chosen the package, we will confirm your booking and arrange for the delivery and setup of the equipment. You can rest assured that everything will be in place and ready to go before your party starts.

Enjoy the Party:
With everything set up and tested, you can focus on enjoying the party and creating unforgettable memories for your child and their friends.

Star Sounds Limited is your ultimate partner for creating the perfect kids' party. Our diverse range of sound packages, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer service ensure that your event will be a resounding success. With free delivery, setup, and collection, as well as 24/7 phone support and onsite assistance during office hours, we provide a seamless and stress-free experience. Trust us to deliver high-quality sound that will make your child's party unforgettable.

Visit our website today to explore our Kids Party Sound Packages and make your booking.

Let’s make your next kids' party a blast with Star Sounds Limited!

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