Portable PA Hire in Auckland

Are you looking for portable PA hire in Auckland? Then you are at the proper place!! The right music system can make all the difference at a business meeting, a wedding, a birthday party, or a community event. At Star Sounds Limited, we rent out high-quality portable PA hire systems that will make sure your event goes well with crystal clear sound.

Star Sounds Limited is the ideal place where you can hire PA systems for any kind of event. Our specialty is free delivery, setup and collection!!

Portable PA Hire in Auckland

Why Star Sounds Limited is the Best Place for Portable PA hire in Auckland?

1. A wide range of portable PA systems

We have several different portable PA systems. So we can fit any event, no matter the size. In our store, we have:

  • Small portable PA systems: These are great for small meetings, personal events, and small parties. They are easy to move around. They also easy to set up due to their simplicity.
  • Medium Portable PA Systems: These are great for events that aren't too big or too small, like weddings, business meetings, and parties. These systems can handle more audio output can can cover a large area of people.
  • Large portable PA systems: They are made for big events like concerts, fairs, and large public address and business meetings. 

2. Professional and high quality Sound systems and PA equipment

It makes us happy to know that we only hire the best PA systems to our customers. The portable PA systems we hire come from well-known brands like RCF, QSC, etc. These brands are known for being reliable and producing great sound. With our quality PA systems, you can be sure that the sound at your event will be loud and crystal clear.

3. Professional setup

Our team of skilled workers delivers, sets up, and collect PA systems, so you don't have to worry about transportation, lifting and moving them.

We know that each event is different, so our team works closely with you to make sure that the sound system fits your needs. Besides that, we offer:

  • 24/7 phone support 
  • Onsite Support During Office Hours

4. Reasonable Hire Prices

We think that everyone should be able to get high-quality PA systems!! Our prices for portable PA hire are reasonable and competitive. Moreover, we don't have any hidden fees in our prices, so you know you're getting the best deal.

5. Customised Sound Packages

We know that every event is different and your event requirements are different. So, our staff can discuss with you and suggest you the right speaker hire system that perfectly matches your event. 

Benefits of hiring sound systems from Star Sounds

There are several reasons to rent  portable PA systems from Star Sounds Limited:

1. Better sound quality
A quality PA system provides a clear sound even at loud volume. So everyone in the event can hear every word and note. This is very important for events where sound quality and clarity are very important, like weddings, business presentations, and live musical programs.

2. Flexibility and Mobility
Portable PA systems are made to be easy to move around and set up in different places. Because of this, you can hold your event anywhere, inside or outside, without having to worry about setting up the sound.

3. Cost-effective solution
If you only need a portable PA system for one event, renting one is a cheaper option than buying one. You can use high-quality PA systems without spending a lot of money.

4. Professional Assistance
If you hire a PA system from us, we'll provide you all the necessary support professionally. Our team will deliver and setup the sound system, so you can focus on other the other activities of the event. This gives you a peace of mind. 

How to Choose the Right Portable PA System

It is very important to choose the right portable PA system for your event to get the best sound quality and range. To help you make the right choice, here are some ideas:

1. Assess Your Venue
Think about the venue's size and plan. For sound to reach all areas well, bigger places will need systems with more wattage and more power. Portable systems are small enough to work well in smaller settings.

2. Determine Your Audience Size
What kind of PA system you need will depend on how many people are coming. To make sure everyone can hear clearly, a bigger crowd needs a larger PA system.

3. Identify Your Event Type
The sound needs of different events are different. For instance, a business talk might need clear vocal projection, while a music event would need a system with good volume and bass response.

4. Consider Additional Equipment
Think about what other PA equipment you might need, like microphones, stands, or audio mixers. Making sure you have listed everything you need.

5. Budget Considerations
It's important to stick to your budget, but don't skimp on quality. To get the most out of your money, choose a company with a good reputation, like Star Sounds Limited.


Making Your Booking with Star Sounds Limited

It's easy and quick to book a portable PA system through Star Sounds Limited. To book or reserve sound packages or PA equipment, follow below simple steps:

1. Visit our website and Explore Sound and Lighting Packages
Check out our website to see all of the portable PA systems and packages we hire. Each sound package has everything you need for a basic event. Such as speakers, subwoofers, microphones and audio mixers with cables and stands. Go through each sound package and select the one that suits your event.

2. Contact Us
Once you've chosen a PA package, get in touch with our team via our phone number 021 09178190 or email us [email protected]. Let us know your event requirements. We're happy to give you more information and help you make your decision.

3. Confirmation of the booking
Once you've made your choice, we'll confirm your reservation and make plans for the equipment to be delivered and set up. Before your event starts, you can be sure that everything will be set up and ready to go.


At Star Sounds Limited, We are the best in Auckland in PA system hire. We have a wide range of PA systems at reasonable prices. Such as RCF, QSC, Shure PA equipment. Star Sounds also provides great customer service including 24/7 phone support.

Our portable PA systems will give you the clarity and power you need to make your event unique, no matter the event size. Check out our website right now to see what portable PA hire choices we have and to make a reservation.

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